• Kitchen Knives (Hocho)

    Hayashi’s origin is Hocho merchant. Our hometown, Sakai, is well known as highest quality hocho production place.
    We are handling kitchen knives with various brands.

  • Kitchen Utensils

    We are handling kitchen hardware and utensils.

  • Pruning Shears

    For Japanese traditional blacksmith items, ask Hayashi also.
    Especially, Japanese pruning shears enjoy reputations with its sharpness and friendly handling.

  • Hand Tool

    We offer various hand tools – driver, wrench, etc, that are used in machine factory or car industries.

  • Measuring Instrument

    Caliper, convex or weighing equipment. To measure length, diameter or weight. Essential tool for engineering or manufacturing.

  • Farming / Gardening equipment

    We offer gardening equipment (sickles, shears, etc) and farming tool (wooden hammer, etc). To be chosen for the purpose or user friendliness.

  • Carpenter tool

    We offer various carpenter tool – plane, saw, etc.

  • Safety equipment

    To keep safety in factory or construction site, safety equipment is needed. To improve safeness, the most suitable choice is required.

  • Labor equipment

    For high place work, we can offer ladder, tool holders, etc.

  • Plastering euipment

    Plasterers use trowel to plaster walls. Various kinds of trowel exist. The most suitable trowel to be chosen for works.

  • Adhesives, chemical material, screws, etc

When you find hand tools and/or power tools, please feel free to contact us.


Head Office

4-20, Kumanocho-Higashi 4cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka 590-0946
TEL: +81-72-238-6168
FAX: +81-72-238-1248

East Japan Logistics Center
Tokyo Branch

6-29-6, Yashio, Yashio City, Saitama, 340-0815
TEL: +81-48-954-6682
FAX: +81-48-954-6684

Fukuoka Branch

3-1-21, Higashinaka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, 812-0892
TEL: +81-92-412-0166
FAX: +81-92-412-0173

Kanagawa branch

3-11-1, Sakuramori, Yamato, Kanagawa, 242-0028
TEL: +81-46-204-7202
FAX: +81-46-204-7203

Sakai branch

2-30, Kaicho-Higashi 3cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka, 590-0953
TEL: +81-72-221-3373
FAX: +81-72-221-3375

West Japan Logistics Center

63-31, Omura, Miki, Hyogo, 673-0404
TEL: +81-794-86-6032
FAX: +81-794-86-6033

Export Center

63-31, Omura, Miki, Hyogo, 673-0404
TEL: +81-794-82-0059
FAX: +81-794-83-2304

Miki branch

63-22, Omura, Miki, Hyogo, 673-0404
TEL: +81-794-86-7391
FAX: +81-794-86-7392

Sanjo branch

18-1, Shimosugoro, Sanjo City, Niigata, 955-0093
TEL: +81-0256-64-7345
FAX: +81-0256-64-7346